Our Generation is Distracted

I recently watched a speech from Joe Kraus who is a partner at Google Ventures. In his speech, Kraus talks about how our generation is becoming increasingly distracted by technology. He argues that what many people call multi tasking is simply “fast switching between each task within our attention. Because of this you become 40% slower at what you do and are unable to fully grasp one task. The most important point I think he brings up is that our generation has eliminated gap time, which is the time between events like waiting in line. The catch is that humans come up with most of their ideas during these gap times and when we distract ourselves, we are no longer getting that critical time we need to think creatively.

If you would like to watch it, the link is below:




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One response to “Our Generation is Distracted”

  1. gavswag says :

    Wholeheartedly agree with his beliefs. Technology has made us way too dependent on our phones, Google, etc. It makes me wonder, what if we had some internet bug that caused a network blackout worldwide. Think of how many people wouldn’t be able to find their own sources for food and other necessities. I recently saw “Transcedence” and it really opened my eyes to just how reliant we are on technology.. real scary.

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